Our Mission:

To generate pivotal advancements in medicine through targeted evidence-based research



NRIOM is a research division of DC2 Healthcare that creates national benchmarks across different therapeutic areas through evidenced-based medicine that includes IRB approved patient registry studies.

NRIOM's services include:
  • outcomes research
  • population management
  • data analysis
  • medical writing
  • research consultation
  • case management and quality satisfaction survey results through data pulls
  • patient registries and predictive modeling

These pivotal advancements in medical research that NRIOM produces, helps create platforms and pathways for surgeons, industry, providers, hospitals, payers groups, ACOs and IPAs, aiming to maximize reimbursement and containment cost. This division of research also assists customers with bundled payment initiatives and risk management for ACOs and IPAs.

NRIOM's experienced clinical team evaluates the level of required training for each site during the site start up/regulatory process, to assess and then deliver the necessary routine training and SOP maintenance needed throughout the life of the program.



Leaders in Research

puzzleNRIOM is a leading research organization serving a multitude of specialties and constituencies in the international medical community. Identified by teams of physicians, NRIOM’s research priorities yield best practices and advanced standards of care within the genres of medicine that we serve. In addition to optimizing patient care, the outcomes of NRIOM’s research will also elicit support for and access to reimbursement for emerging treatment pathways, surgical procedures, and medical devices.

NRIOM receives grant funding for its work through multiple public and private stakeholders including government, payer, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies. NRIOM also secures financial support through offering evidence-based research support services to pharmaceutical and medical device clients. Such services include project management, data management, monitoring, site qualification, medical writing, scientific analysis, contracting, budget services and site payments.

Influencing Innovation

NRIOM will establish itself as a leader in the international medical community by driving an agenda that is patient outcomes focused and scientifically rigorous. NRIOM activities provide a vehicle through which physicians can translate their intellectual property into a valuable commodity for stakeholders in the patient care continuum meanwhile adhering to all regulatory guidelines. NRIOM research is published in peer-reviewed journals and is the subject of medical education programs and other international efforts to advance disease awareness and treatment innovation.

Stringent Compliance

All NRIOM research is evidence-based, IRB approved as well as designed and reviewed by physicians. NRIOM enforces strict review of its research practices through utilization of a national board comprised of key opinion leaders from a variety of specialties. This board will guide NRIOM’s selection and implementation of all research projects and the dissemination of research outcomes including peer reviewed journal articles, advanced standards of care and updated best practices.


Strategic Alliances

In identifying target areas for research, NRIOM benefits from the outcomes of its sister companies, NOC2 and C3, organizations that conduct high-level advisory boards and other independent and compliant key opinion leader events across disease areas. This invaluable information will provide an ongoing stream of data from which NRIOM will design and expand its research agenda. NOC2 and C3 will also provide access to key opinion leaders from various disease specialties to serve as strategic consultants that inform NRIOM’s research priorities. Another important by-product of NRIOM research is greater alignment between payers and providers through the replacement of costly and inefficient standards of care with those that are based on viable, current medical evidence.

C3 & NOC2

C3 & NOC2 function as points of intersection for cross-industry leaders in healthcare to mobilize around all forms of medical innovation: research & treatment pathways, medical devices, technological advancements and breakthrough surgical approaches. The above is accomplished through vehicles and venues that allow for its members to exchange and brainstorm ideas, pool data toward research priorities and cross-pollinate towards a more integrated healthcare system.


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Research Methods & Services

NRIOM employs a variety
of research methods that include:

  • Retrospective studies
  • Prospective studies
  • Data pulls
  • Chart reviews to determine negative/positive outcomes which determine best practices
  • Health outcome studies
  • Cost-effectiveness studies
  • Patient Registries
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Population Management

Services at a Glance

  • Site Start Up and Routine Training
  • Staff Training & Procedure (SOPs) Maintenance
  • Post Marketing Clinical Studies
  • Protocol Development
  • Project Management
  • Data Management
  • Monitoring
  • Site Qualification
  • Medical Writing
  • Scientific Analysis
  • Contracting and Budget Services and Site Payments
  • Outcomes/Quality Metrics
  • Data Analysis
  • Research Consultation
  • Case Management & Quality Satisfaction Survey Results

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